About Us

Hello, We are Pure Karting.
Established 2010 – Phoenix.


With a passion for Tony Kart and all products produced by OTK Kart Group, Pure Karting feels we as a company are the America’s best source for OTK and other fine karting products. Located in Phoenix, AZ USA, Pure Karting is positioned to delivery quality, year round service, and quick delivery times to United States, Mexico, and Canadian customers.

Karting Genius

Karting IQ? We have it.  20+ years in this game has a way of honing skills.

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Race Department

A team of guys and gals, who have helped many drivers grab some hardware.

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Data Analysis

You all own a data logger for your kart, but we can help you actually use it.

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Kart Prep

Bring us your equipment, and we will tune it to max.

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Engine Tuning

OK. Here’s the deal. We don’t do that. Let us tell you why!

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We Love Karting

Ok we admit it. Our secret obsession isn’t really a secret. But why?

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Team Swag

Core principles.

Without passion, the wheels fall off. Motorsports is far too hard of an industry to keep any loafers or slackers around. Passion drives us to succeed, and that success is shared by the whole team.

Keep your head down and work until the job is done. We live this way, and we control all aspects of our business, including the design and branding of our image. We don’t just want to be fast, but look good doing it too.

Measure twice, cut once. This is how we think. We are very analytical people, and we don’t shoot from the hip, or guess. Every move we make, both at track, and away is calculated and planned.



Arrive & Drive

Our Race Department can provide full service, professionally supported Arrive & Drive packages for SKUSA, ROK Cup, Rotax, LAKC, and other series.


Driver Coaching

Seeking some skills development? We have coached and developed drivers into National Champions, and helped many young drivers move their career to the next level(s) including Indy Car, Nascar, and more.


Product Sales

As you can see here, we carry the products you need for karting. But not just any product, or the hottest selling items. We sell only the products we choose to use for ourselves.


Branding & Identity

Trying to get to the next level? You can’t rely solely on race results and speed. We can help you develop an image, and brand yourself so you will be attractive to sponsors who can help you along the way.


Storage & Transportation

Need a spot to keep your equipment safe between races? Look no further. We have a climate controlled 5200sf warehouse ready to store your kart, and we can transport it to the races as well.



Need a custom suit? We have teamed up with the best manufactures in the industry, and we can help you layout the artwork in a way that will make you smile.

“We help you get the stuff you need to kick ass at the kart track, and we can show you how to use it too!”

Cliff Kujala
Priciple & Founder

Our Amazing Crew.

Interested in joining our team?


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