May 11, 2015 Cliff Kujala

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  • Novalak and Milesi are protagonists in the opening event of the European Championship for KFJ class in Portimao (Portugal)
  • At the top of the overall KFJ ranking only our products are listed
  • KF category: Vartanyan (Ward Racing) signs the pole position and Nielsen is eighth in the ranking
  • Standings

KF JUNIOR. In the master class it was a great success for the products made in our Prevalle factory. Our drivers, Milesi, Simmenauer and Novalak fought, almost exclusively, with rivals at the wheel of Tony Kart, FA Kart and Kosmic Kart chassis.
At the end of the heats Clément Novalak earned the third row of the pre final starting grid. Instead, Milesi’s twenty-first place does not match his real value at the track. In fact, our young Frenchman has been given 28 penalties in the last heats, otherwise, he would have come to a very different placement in the pre-final grid.
In the pre-final and final Novalak crossed the line always in the high ranks of the ranking, seventh and eighth, taking valuable points for the championship.
Just in the final one of the best performers was Charles Milesi, author of a comeback that led him from the twenty-fifth place on the tenth, complete with a best lap. A confirmation of the very good potential already shown by Milesi.
In the final grid only seven chassis, on thirty-four, were not made in Prevalle, so it is easy to see that at the top of the championship standings there are, almost exclusively, drivers and teams employing our products. Novalak is currently fifth with thirteen points and Milesi twelfth, in a championship led by Roosens (Kosmic Kart), followed by Lundgaard (Tony Kart-Vortex) and Collet (Kosmic Kart-Vortex).
The next, exciting, events of the European Championship will be played in England and Sweden, in the months of June and July. We’ll see how this very balanced championship will develop, opposing the best world motorsport promises.

KF. It was precisely the Alexander Vartanyan’s Tony Kart-Vortex of the Ward Racing, who opened the event by signing the pole position.
In the heats Vartanyan finished third in the sequence of races, winning one, and was accompanied in the top ten by the other Ward Racing’s driver Dionisios (5th), Lorandi (6 °) of the Baby Race and our Nicklas Nielsen. These were the Tony Kart-Vortex drivers in the first positions.

In the pre-final Nielsen finished in the top ten list with the eighth position and in the final, too, our driver could obtain good scores. The points gained will be important in the continuation of the European Championship, which next events will be run at the PF International Circuit (UK) and at the Swedish track of Kristianstad. Other drivers int the top ranking at the wheel of Tony Kart-Vortex are Vartanyan and Dionisios, respectively, fourth and fifth in the overall standings.