May 26, 2015 Cliff Kujala
  • The Racing Team is leader in Zuera with Flavio Camponeschi and Marco Ardigò. First and second place respectively in the second round of the European Championship’s cadet class, class, the KZ
  • The Tony Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone chassis of Camponeschi and Ardigò take the top positions since the qualifications and remain there until the grand final, without ever leaving the
  • In the overall standings Camponeschi is the leader ahead of Ardigò
  • In KZ2 class the Tony Kart-Vortex are protagonists thanks to our Luca Corberi and Paolo Besancenez (Cédric Goudant Team). The latter gets on the podium of the finalCorberi is second in the overall standings and third is Fasberg
  • KZ and KZ2 rankings

Our Racing Team’s European weekend in Zuera has started very positively, and ended triumphantly, with a double win of Camponeschi-Ardigò rewarding the great work done by the whole staff and thus confirming the undisputed technical quality of our products.
There is no doubt that the categories with the change are the most awaited and spectacular classes in the international competitive scenario. So, the second round of the European Championship of KZ and KZ2, held at the Spanish circuit of Zuera, was highly anticipated. Expectations of the experienced people have been confirmed and the public has had full satisfaction, by participating (live and with the tv streaming) to intense and spectacular races.

KZ. On the occasion of the second continental appointment Flavio Camponeschi was leading the rankings, after his brilliant victory at the Naples International Circuit. Marco Ardigò follows at short distance his teammate, in third place.
As for the qualifying a terrific weekend begins with our two drivers who continuously alternated between the first two positions.
Ardigò signs a magnificent pole position, stopping the time at 1:00,050, with a gap from the second, Abbasse, of 0,127 and from the third, Camponeschi of 0,160.
The heats are run with a clear superiority and it is always a Tony Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone chassis at the top of the standings. Ardigò, Camponeschi and Ardigò-Camponeschi, this is the brutal sequence that features the three heats and defines the front row of the pre-final. In the qualifying heats we also gain two best laps, signed by Ardigò and Camponeschi.
It is at the start of the pre-final that we have the only thrill of the continental weekend, with Ardigò that from the box number one, is overtaken by six opponents, while Camponeschi takes the lead of the race and jumps unchallenged towards the success.
Ardigò brightens up the race going with determination up to second place. The World Champion’s comeback, once more highlights the formidable quality of his chassis.
The final is this way defined with the front row in the “Green” Tony Kart-Vortex colour, with our drivers ready to confirm the expectations.
As the traffic lights turn off Ardigò made no mistake in quickly jumping behind Camponeschi. The positions are reversed in the second lap with Ardigò who takes the lead, so our drivers fly, unbeatable, to a memorable fight all signed Tony Kart-Vortex.
At the twelfth lap, after a brief period of study, Camponeschi takes the lead and his second consecutive victory, after Sarno, thus leading also the double win of our Racing Team.
Camponeschi with this success signs an important step in the fight for the European title, where he is leader in the championship with 67 points.
Our other driver, Ardigò, with the second place in Zuera has taken second place to the Hanley’s detriment and now all eyes are turned to the final round of Genk (Belgium), scheduled on July 26th.

KZ2. The two Frenchmen Laurent Thomas and Paulo Besancenez, Cédric Goudant team, bring their Tony Kart-Vortex in the top two positions of the qualifying. Our other chassis do not disappoint and all go to the top places. Alessio Piccini is seventh, Luca Corberi tenth, while Andreas Fasberg is more delayed.
In the heats our chassis stand out five times out of ten races, with Besancenez (four wins) and Corberi. These drivers even sign five best laps (Besancenez is the fastest in the A-B, B-C and B-E heats).
In the pre-final Besancenez and Corberi run a race always in the leading group fighting for the top positions. In the fight Besancenez is able to gain the front row, and finishes second, while Corberi has a hard fight against Johansson and prefers, intelligently, not taking unnecessary risks, finishing fifth.
In the final Besancenez grabs the podium after a race completely battled against our driver Luca Corberi, good four position, and Johansson.
Corberi’s excellent performance puts him in second place in the overall ranking, together with the other Tony Kart-Vortex driver, Besancenez and ahead of his teammate Andreas Fasberg. The latter, after the success in the opening race, had an unlucky Sunday in Spain.
All driver will have their big final challenge in Sweden, in mid-July. On the Genk track Corberi and Fasberg will have the chance to run and fight for the European title.

Final ranking – European Championship KZ 2nd round:

CIK-FIA European Championship’s ranking for KZ:

Final ranking – European Championship KZ2 2nd round:

European Championship’s ranking for KZ2:

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