CIK-FIA Euro KF-KFJ Championship – Rd.2

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  • Novalak is third in KFJ category in the second round of the CIK-FIA European Championship
  • The victory in KFJ class goes to Martono’s Tony Kart-Vortex, Baby Race team
  • In the overall standings the first four positions are taken by drivers at the drive of made-in-Prevalle chassis. Novalak is second with 38 points
  • In KF class Nielsen wins two heats while Armstrong has always been well placed in the early stages of the event
  • A problem stops Nielsen’s race at the top who then recovers in the pre-final, gains the best lap and finishes fifth in the final
  • Ranking of the races and of the CIK-FIA European Championship

The second round of the European Championship reserved for the KF and KF Junior categories, which took place on the spectacular English PF International Kart Circuit was thrilling.

KFJ. The closer final sprint has raised tensions and there have been twists and turns that have seen our Clément Novalak fighting for the top positions, closing the English weekend on the podium, in third place.
The whole event was positive for our team and despite the difficult moments, as mentioned, caused by the bitter bagarre, Novalak jumped to second place in the overall ranking. Since the qualifying Novalak had a very good feeling with the track and made the most of his Tony Kart-Vortex chassis, qualifying fourth and winning a heat. In the remaining qualifying races he has always remained in the top three positions. Great, as always, was also the behavior of the chassis driven by our drivers but who do not compete under the colors of our Racing Team. First we can mention Martono (Baby Race srl) and Lundgaard (Ward Racing), winners respectively of one and two heats.
Just the Tony Kart-Vortex chassis of the Indonesian driver Presley Martono was the leader of the crucial phase of the European competition, winning the pre-final and final, with authority, after beating top-level drivers.
Clément Novalak deservedly climbed on the podium after a pre-final featured by hard duels which sent him to ninth place, just in the final steps of the race, after our driver had always taken the top positions.
In the final Novalak was able to recover, thanks to his perfect chassis, and got on the podium thus being now closer to the ranking leader, Roosens.
Novalak in the final round of the European championship will face drivers such as Martono, Lundgaard and the aforementioned Roosens, all at the wheel of chassis produced in our factory of Prevalle. The first two drivers have a Tony Kart-Vortex while Roosens has a Kosmic Kart.

KF. The first phase of the event was successful for our drivers Nielsen and Armstrong, with the first one signing the second best timing in the qualifying and winning two heats. Unfortunately the final heat was ruined by the break of the chain, while Nielsen was, once again, at to lead.
This inconvenient send us back to the tenth position losing a likely first row. Armstrong finished the heats a position behind his teammate, eleventh.
In the pre-final our driver tried to recover, but could succeed only in part in the task. The high performance of our Tony Kart-Vortex are however also highlighted by the best lap signed by Nielsen in 54 “511, and the second place of the poleman Vershoor, at the wheel of the Exprit-Vortex chassis of the RB Racing SA team.
In the final Nielsen climbed up to the fifth place, fighting fiercely with the top drivers and preceded under the checkered flag by Vartanyan (Tony Kart-Vortex, Ward Racing team), finishing fourth
In the overall standings Nielsen takes the sixth position with 22 points.

Rankings of the event and of the European Championship for KF and KFJ categories are available at: