Race Report

2015 SKUSA Summerationals

Race Report – 2015 SKUSA SummerNationals
July 26, 2015 Cliff Kujala

Race Report – 2015 SKUSA SummerNationals

Saturday was a tough day for the team, but Sunday was a day of recovery, including a podium in S1 Pro Stock Moto.

Team Lineup:
S1 – Kolton Griffin
S1 – Augie Lerch
S2 – Don Whittington
S2 – Kol Bailey
S4 – Chris Neria
S4 – Nick Firestone

  • SwedeTech CR125 J-arm
    SwedeTech CR125 J-arm

    SwedeTech CR125 J Arm

    All new J-Arm for the CR125 Honda Shifter Karts. • CNC Machined for quality and consistency • TIG Welded lever arm to spindle for durability and quality appearance • Zinc Plated to resist excessive corrosion and quality appearance • Shift Rod hardware 12.9 grade for durability • Designed to clear cases in all proper mounting situations • 3 adjustable positions for varied lever points • Raised Heim joint boss for proper clearance • SwedeTech designed and tested for over 12 months • Arm is proper clearance away from countershaft for sprocket removal • Pinch bolt is 10mm hex head for socket or wrench • Pinch bolt installed on front side for easier access
  • Tire, MG

    Tire, MG
  • Tony Kart Racer 401 Chassis
    Tony Kart Racer 401 Chassis

    Tony Kart Racer 401

    Racer 401 is the newest top level chassis from Tony Kart. The name "Racer", the same as the previous model, indicates the link with the formidable predecessor. The number 401, which completes the name, emphasizes the newness of this model, characterized by the new and even more efficient, fairings M6 (new homologation CIK-FIA 2015-2020), born in the wind tunnel with a new and elegant look. –Ø 30mm chrome steel –OTK M6 Bodywork CIK-FIA 2015-2020 –Made in Italy –Already an International Champion
  • Sale
    AiM MyChron4
    AiM MyChron4

    AIM MyChron 4

    AIM MyChron 4
    $429.00 $349.00